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   Our policy

  1.  is building a culture of excellent and holistic education for every child with its innovative approach to learning. 

  2. We are dedicated to bringing modern as well as traditional learning techniques to all corners of the country to benefit all students and prepare them for the competitive world. 

  3. Arts and Soul ABC can introduce you to a variety of different education tools, so that gives you the opportunity for self exploration. 
    Our Team of very high qualified teachers will help you to have a wonderful ABC Journey!

  4.  Families who are meaningfully and continuously engaged in their children's learning and development 
    can positively impact their child's health, development, activities and well-being outcomes into adulthood.

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About our Payment Schedule


  • There are three types of payment which can be a monthly payment schedule. 

  • Weekly payments: Weekly payments are done at intervals of every seven days and a particular day is set during the week when the payment is done.

  • Membership


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