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Arts and Soul Studio is the ultimate springboard to your Free Time dilemma!

Over the Programs participants will learn the tools and techniques they need to achieve their goals and thrive in today’s world.

With Arts and Soul Studio ABC, you will find programs, reports, information briefs, videos, and other resources about how afterschool programs keep children and youth safe, inspire, learning, and assist working families.

After School Program, Healing from Post-Pandemic trauma with Arts and Dance, Simple Guided meditation ,Education enlightened, Career Guidance are free ABC programs.
Family engagement is essential in promoting healthy physical, cognitive and social-emotional development, and academic achievement .
Families who are meaningfully and continuously engaged in their children's learning and development can positively impact their own and child's health, activities, academics, and well-being outcomes into adulthood.

Positive impact goes a long way. Be sure to share it.


Academic Enrichment


Arts and Soul Studio studio is an environment where all the forms are encouraged.

Our programs provides students with opportunities to explore and learn new skills in free hours. As part of our efforts to assist children in learning, our after school program offers different skillfully curated activities for them to enhance their language, dance, art and academic skills.
Arts and Souls Studio wants to bring followers to the new skills and discover their talents. Everyone is an artist!


Elementary School Programs

Teaching traditional techniques as well as Modern style through the elements of Space ,Time, Body,  Effort, Movement  and Form .

Through this conceptual approach, students learn modern technique, improvisation, choreography, community, musical awareness.

+ Education enlightened

+ Readers Theater
+ Arts and Dance
+ Creative Writing & Journalism
+ English
+ Learn better


Our courses

Free Time Dilemma

Daily After School Programs

Inspirational and motivational Programs have the power to get us through the day and famous words of wisdom will brighten up your day!

This ensures that students can immediately put their newly-learned skills to use upon completion of the course.


+ Creative Writing 
+ Violin
+ Junior Achievement Enrichment
+ Music
+ Special Talents programs


Art School
Grant Programs

Education and Recreation

Discover the timeless advice . Inspiring and motivational  ideas can make someone laugh, our thoughts react to the world in real-time.


+ Healing with Arts and Dance

+ Simple guided meditation
+ Education enlightened
+ Dance Meditation
+ Technology in education
+ Together we are better

Value-Added Programs

The benefits of our programs include improved coordination, creativity, musicality, strength, flexibility, and general well-being. 
Programs can also be fun and social!

Arts and Soul Studio ABC helps you improve your career using distance education. 

Learn English easy

Staying motivated

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