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Healing from Post-Pandemic trauma with ABC

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Habits that are causing disruptions in your daily routine. There can be confusion when our reaction to the pandemic moves into the worrisome realm during these tough times. You may avoid talking about the traumatic event, avoid people who trigger you or stop going to places associated with the experience. Taking part in risky behavior. Any changes in behavior following trauma should be observed. Particularly risky behavior may be a sign of trauma. Over the course participants will learn the tools and techniques they need to achieve their goals and thrive in today’s world. Discover The Harmony Of Health And Longevity. Discover For Yourself The World Of Your Inner Universe. After School Program, Healing from post -pandemic trauma with Arts ,Dance and Meditation Programs, Breeze meditation courses is a package of online classes ,data elements, guidelines, and instructions that helps to recover from PSTD (Post-Pandemic Trauma Disorder). Whatever you do, don’t ignore it entirely and expect it to go away on its own. Addressing trauma from COVID-19 is a crucial step to returning to our pre-pandemic lives. Start a better live today!

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